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i really miss sidney.

i really miss you too baby


i cut my bangs and instantly looked three years older

you’re so lovelyyyyy i want to kiss youuuuu

Anonymous asked: Is it okay if I sketch some of your selfies? I won't put them anywhere, I'm just trying to learn how to draw full faces of girls without using long hair as a crutch (for lack of a better word). And also you're super cute

yeah go ahead!  also you can post them when you want, i like it when others draw me, makes me feel cool (only if you wanted to though) but yeah it’s totally fine!  (if you did post them just tag me or @ me bby)

and thank you! <3

Anonymous asked: can we reblog that photoset of you or uh

yup you can.  thanks for asking first it means a lot 2 me!

ya can’t tell me i don’t look gr8 🍭🍰

boys who are constantly aggressive and try to put on a tough guy front in all occasions make me want to punch them in the stomach i swear to god

male aggression is so gross, sit the fuck down and chill yourself out.  you aren’t impressing me with your anger and you’re constant “i’m gonna kill em, fuck them, you just wait i’ll fight them” is really boring and makes me want to avoid you forever.

not to mention why would any girl ever want to be near you.  your aggressiveness is actually scary to a lot of us.

also why is it that they always talk soooo big like “u put me and that other dude in a room 2gether u see who comes out”

wow how impressive.

welp guess i’m buying a new 3ds next year 


also the redesign and the addition of the zl and zr buttons makes me think they will be porting more games from old consoles onto it.  which they should be doing anyway.