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being hated by terrible people is such a good feeling

iamjustthatguy asked: What was your natural hair color? just curious

boring medium brown.


six favorite selfies????

hot girlfriend!!!!!! my hot girlfriend!!!!! 


six favorite selfie thingy b4 I sleep

Anonymous asked: Can we add you on instagram or?

yea!  i typically only add people when i can see your instagram feed so i know you are a real person but if you shoot me a message telling me who you are I’ll add you.  :))


six selfies thing?? all mine look alike and i only take one every two months

which is stupid. take more selfies you beautiful man.


guess i’m doing the six best selfies thing so nyello friends 

male gamers can be mad about Anita Sarkeesian all they want to but that doesn’t mean she’s not pointing out glaring flaws in the gaming industry.

sexism and racism and a slew of other things are just so VERY present in gaming and it’s just adding to the fire of those already present problems in people and it’s normalizing it more.

if you want to play video games you have to learn how to be critical of what you are consuming so much of.


getting spoken to as if i’m straight by straight people who assume everyone is straight, subsequently feeling like the world’s most useless and irritated secret agent